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Custom Website Design

With a custom-designed WordPress website, the sky is the limit. You tell us what design elements you like (from our sites or other sites you’ve seen) and we work with you to create your vision. The home page can have a different design than the content pages, you can have a spiffy photo slideshow, an interactive calendar, or perhaps a professional survey form with the results stored in a database. We can do anything you want with your website!

Stock Web Designs

Select one of our WordPress demo sites and have a website up fast! The header will be modified to include your title, logo and/or photos you provide, and you help choose the colors and background patterns. Or you can choose one of our demo sites as a starting point for a fully custom design.

WordPress – to Blog or Not?

Join the blogging world … or not. WordPress is not just a blogging platform. We can create a custom WordPress site for you that emphasizes your “website” or your “blog”.  Or both! For examples of WordPress designs including blogs, view our demo sites. Or check out our client portfolio. Many of our clients want to have a blog with their site; some don’t. The choice is yours.

Web Forms and Programming

Do you have data you want web users to be able to query and see displayed on a web page? Perhaps a web survey or online test with the results stored in a database? We create web applications like these in PHP using MySQL as the storage database.

Site Updates and Maintenance

With WordPress, you maintain your website yourself. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. We provide you with a detailed WordPress Instructions document and free email support. Alternately, you can pay us to update your site (see design costs). Typically, we can make changes within a week. We do not require a maintenance contract, but we recommend you “save up” a few updates as we bill in full hours.

Online Donations and Sales

Need to sell a fewer number of online products or collect membership fees and donations online? We recommend PayPal Website Payments. PayPal does not require that you sell a minimum amount per month (a small transaction fee is deducted from each online sale or donation). To incorporate PayPal on your site, with every item you want to sell online, PayPal generates a bit of HTML code that you provide to us and we insert the item code onto your product or donation page.

Website Tracking Statistics

Many web hosts provide web tracking statistics for free. You simply enable the web tracking service from within your web host account. If your host doesn’t offer this service, you can sign up for Google Analytics. Once you sign up, you simply provide us with the resulting bit of HTML code and we insert the tracking code into the footer of your web pages. Another alternative is the Jetpack WordPress plugin, which maintains basic site statistics.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is by nature highly SEO-ready. Plus, we create properly coded web pages with descriptive title and meta tags. Yet the content you write for your pages is equally important. Make sure your text contains key phrases that folks would use to search for your site. If desired, we can help with content editing. Also, the more frequently other websites link to your site, the higher your site popularity rises, a factor taken into account by search engine algorithms. So don’t be afraid to promote your site!

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

We are a design company and do not host websites, but we can guide you through the process to obtain an affordable web host where you can register your domain name and set up a hosting account. We do not require you use a specific web host; however, we have found both Bluehost and GoDaddy to be easy to work with for hosting and domain management.

Print Design

We can also design your business cards, brochures, etc. However, we no longer design logos.