J Davis Web Design

We are experienced in creating Custom Layouts, WordPress Templates, Image Galleries, Database Applications, Blogs, Site Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, and more.

We create CLEAN and PROFESSIONAL websites.

Your organization or business deserves respect.

Don’t settle for an amateurish website lacking professional graphics, an unreadable website with poor contrast, a website with confusing navigation, or a poorly-coded website where the layout breaks if you increase the font size or view the site on a different device.

Your website can be simple or complex, a few pages or hundreds of pages. I can add dynamic elements such as an accordion menu, image slideshow, interactive map, or custom web database application.

We never require that you:

  • Host your website with me; in fact, I don’t host websites or register domains.
  • Choose a particular web host, although I can certainly provide my recommendations.
  • Pay me a monthly maintenance fee (or even have me maintain your site). See my page on Site Maintenance for further information.
  • Return to me for technical support, although you are more than welcome to do so.

Hello! I’m Jennifer Davis, website designer and developer. I’ve been designing websites for several years.

I began doing web design as a part of my job as data manager for the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas. One thing led to another and I found myself doing websites for other research projects. Word of mouth was my advertising, and thus, a great deal of my original web work was for bird-related projects and non-profit organizations.

I have a Master’s degree in Environmental Science, with an emphasis in Quantitative Analysis (GIS, statistics, and computer programming) and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology.

But I also have a strong creative streak. I studied and choreographed dance (ballet, modern, jazz), and I enjoy writing fiction, mostly science-fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance. Form and function, art and science. An excellent blend for web design.